Diverse & Resilient’s Youth HIV Prevention Institute Logos

Diverse & Resilient’s Biennial Youth HIV Prevention Institute logos

Benedict Center Sisters Program

After cleaning up the Benedict Center’s logomark in 2015, MMK Design created their Sisters Program logo to follow suit.

Exercising Pride

Working with PrideFest, as well as Diverse & Resilient in 2008, MMK Design created this logo to promote health and wellness in the LGBTQ Community during PrideFest.

The B Line

Beer Line Park
Beer Line Park

The B-Line Park logo created in 2021 with Harambee and Riverwest community input for the Beerline Trail’s extention at Richards & Keefe to Capitol Road park land.

The B-Line Park logo is linked with the new Beerline Trail logo.

WI LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce logo and their Welcoming & Inclusive campaign “cling” sticker

Welcoming and Inclusive

Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce launched their Welcoming & Inclusive campaign logo “cling” sticker in 2015. Helping businesses announce their support for LGBTQ community.

Clients served…

Diverse & Resilient

diverse and resilient logo
diverse and resilient logo

 Collaborating with Gary Hollander, CEO of Diverse and Resilient in 2001, MMK Design created this iconic logo with a graphic leaf representing growth in the “R” shape. Diverse and Resilient spawned many logos for their programs, conferences, institutes and health